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Vincent's Poetry

Did anyone ever tell you how beautiful you are?

Did anyone ever tell you how beautiful you are?

Or even give a cursory glance acknowledging your splendor,

such majestic strength and radiance

Unassuming you reign supreme,

Like a sacred cow,

You are King and Queen of the wood.

Towering, protective calming ever presence,

A strong leader - shyly towering yet proud,

Solid consistent - you don't change your tune,

Standing for peace, for consistency, for a better world.

You have seen it all yet keep all inside;

leaving us guessing but no longer alone,

You are a beautiful tree.


The Waiting Game

Here we're playing waiting games,
Fishing, teaching, sleeping, preaching,

Unsure if next year's porter pours or pains

or what late premises will roar

closing time - that's all for now, Sir;

are you lecturing early morning?

See you at tomorrow's dawning

Or perhaps they'll refuse your enlightened self?

Preferring the other stranger's wealth?

Or maybe you will refuse the fit the times shop

going further uptown with your top town peers

Even rejecting uptowns best-

Tired of satisfying the clamour of autograph hunters.

Or will you be here at all to appreciate or depreciate?
Will you be around to decide or be decided upon?
Future dreams don’t drown today dreams,
nor do they deter next year’s calmly expected big successes;
today’s hitchhikers are tomorrow’s solicitors.


Blue Eyes

Whose got those bright blue eyes
Striking strange china charm delight?
Seas are full of blue but never blue so full;
Until you strutted into town.

In a town that knows classic blue;
Your blueiant style merits vintage sailing,
with a personal glance - natural, deep;
deep from the shores you sailed.

Yet your surprised voyage needs no explaining
but when glimmers glisten
it swims me short of wording
drowns me in confused adorning.

Lost treasures lie deep at sea,
Careful clever eyes fail to realise
the untouched, uncherised precious mind.
Unopened jewels of blistening gold-
Cargo loved but never rolled.

Mystic blue in sunlight shadows,
ease forth into the night -
Speak to a waiting world that
knows no farewell yet cannot wait.
Sing the people rich colours-
Singer, Song and sparkling Blue forever.


Certain Ending

Slowly, slowing but with surety they all pass away;
a decade here and a decade there is suddenly not that long
as old pals get caught up together in a generational relentless
good bye

Previous early departure times suddenly incidental-imprecisely
but departees fondly remembered as final class members
unknowingly cling on to dear life, to be last or second last to

And what has this great class left behind for the Passover-
an old pair of glasses found, a photo uncovered, countess
reminisces from survivors who are increasingly anxious to relay
adventures about their times - dying to tell about their father's
finest hour- when they were kings,
thinking but not telling that their reign is person by person
edging towards certain ending.


A Tribute to the perennial student

Cool creamy pint of Guinness,
Speak as an unashamed winner,
dressed in forgotten dilemma,
Tell your proud recipe.

Sing your many fine moments,
And all the friends and cake you made,
Your laughing history, ageless destiny,
Your expensive food in times unworried.

You postpone organised dinners,
Standing from an unknown stage,
You read your own dictionary-
Fighting life’s direction from a high stool.

You walk forever, smiling undisturbed,
Drank in black but happy yesterday
Ambitions simmer in a restful field;
A timeless play on perennial hay.

Until you fall from an unregretted stay,
Eventual surrender - you move menus,
but continue to travel on,
A still stool on high wheels.