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12 / 03 / 2018

Vincent P. Martin S.C. has been selected by the Kildare Green Party to contest the North Kildare constituency in the next general election.

Martin said,

‘The county of Kildare is one of the fastest growing populations in the country. Whilst investment in the local economy is to be welcomed, the rapidly increasing development of housing in the county is not being accompanied by the essential provision of appropriate corresponding infrastructure - it’s like a one-way street with the concerns of the existing residents not being taken seriously. Not getting the planning vision right will blight and adversely affect quality of life for decades to come.

The commuting times listed in the recent CSO issued census report indicates that in Kildare as a whole people going to work have experienced longer driving times than most other countries in the State yet investment in railroad transportation and cycling remains abysmally small. There already is a severe shortage of crèches, GP’s, school places, recreational facilities, worsening and intolerable traffic congestion and a substandard public transport service. In order for Kildare to prosper and thrive, we need joined up thinking, proper planning and must capitalise on a future local green economy. Local businesses require practical help and support. I am acutely aware of the intrinsic value of fostering a constructive and supportive relationship with local businesses. Let’s make Kildare thrive again. '

'Martin added,

‘I am hosting a public meeting in the Town House Hotel, Naas on Wednesday the 14th March 2018 at 8pm entitled, ‘Future-Proofing Our Community: Transitioning to a Sustainable Future’. Eamon Ryan TD, Green Party Leader, Dr Cara Augustenborg, lecturer in UCD and Chair of Friends of the Earth and John Harrington, Mentor, Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland will all be speaking about how can we better prepare for the future by working together in our local community and how we can save money and secure a stronger local economy, protect our environment, and ultimately become a more resilient community by looking and planning ahead. All welcome to attend.'

Martin concluded,

‘If the Green Party forms part of the next government, our local communities need assurances that this time economic growth must be managed properly, appropriately and in a sustainable way - putting people first.

Green Party leader Eamon Ryan TD said,
‘the Kildare Greens are one of our fastest growing and most vibrant branches in the country. A new generation of political activists are stepping forward. Green politics presents a new way to answer the old challenges, it offers a fresh approach to failed and failing polices. Vincent P. is an immensely talented person with a proven track record. I know he loves Kildare and that he will be a fearless, effective and outspoken advocate for the county. The Green Party intends to increase its representation in the next Dáil and we know that North Kildare can be one of those seats.'

Pictured: Catherine Martin T.D., deputy leader of the Green Party, Vincent P Martin SC, the newly selected North Kildare general election candidate and Eamon Ryan T.D., leader of the Green Party.


02 / 03 / 2018

The Kildare Greens are bringing forward proposals for the improvement to the commuter belt rail services. The Fine Gael 2040 plan is heavily focused on the Dublin Metro area and on road transportation nationwide. The improvements proposed stop at Maynooth. We are bringing forward proposals for a 50% increase in capacity throughout the commuter belt and a plan for significantly more electrification.

Tens of thousands of commuters from North Kildare stand in packed diesel trains and diesel buses, or start long road commutes before 7 a.m. spending hours on congested motorways. Our goal is to give commuters much more effective and comfortable services throughout the commuter belt by extending the relatively frequent service that stops in Maynooth today.

We are calling for an extension of the electrification proposed in the 2040 plan throughout the commuter network and a review of the Metro North plan to develop effective connections for North Kildare commuters.

We will be driving this as a priority, starting at the Green Party national conference in March 2018 and we would like to meet you at the commuter rail stations over the coming months to collect your opinions and feedback on this issue. Today's commuting patterns are already unsustainable and a major contributor to Carbon Dioxide and Carbon Monoxide emissions and our commuter belt towns are continuing to grow rapidly with a complete absence of infrastructure or service planning.