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Some of Vincent's Published Articles

"Let people of Northern Ireland decide their Brexit fate" - The Irish Times, Aug 14th 201, Vincent P Martin

North could have unique position of having full access to UK and EU markets

'Owning a home is now an impossible dream for ordinary working people' - The Sunday Independent, December 9th 2018, Vincent P Martin

The young and the less well off are paying for our past sins - and this stops the growth of a dynamic society, writes Vincent P Martin

Europe could and arguably should extend the Article 50 deadline - The Irish Times, June 29th, 2018, Ross Maguire, Vincent P Martin

There is no reason the EU cannot unilateraly agree an extension in the absence of a British request and it might be welcome

There is no road to redemption for the strangled middle class - The Irish Independent, February 28th 2014, Vincent P Martin

Set aside all the happy talk we hear about Ireland taking its first steps towards economic recovery. The reality is that the squeezed middle is no longer the squeezed middle – it is the strangled middle.

Time for visionary thinking - Mac Gill Summer School, 2013, Vincent P Martin

The pervading feeling of despair and disempowerment, in the face of the huge indebtedness threatens our very existence. Errant bankers, regulators and politicians signed up our children’s children to economic slavery.

A quarter of a century of voter power - The Irish Times, May 21st 2012, Vincent P Martin

MY FAVOURITE CASE: Crotty v An Taoiseach and Others
CROTTY - V - AN Taoiseach and Others, more commonly referred to as the Crotty case, is a seminal constitutional judgment. As a consequence of the Crotty judgment (25 years old this year), all major EU treaties have to be put to the Irish people by way of referendum. Some commentators regard this as an unnecessary interference in a representative democracy, which disallows our elected legislature from making some key decisions in foreign and economic policy, whilst others celebrate the judgment for the democratic safeguards that it provides.

We must realign and reaffirm our faith in ourselves and nation - Sunday Independent, 4th April 2010, Vincent P Martin
As a people we will disagree, but I challenge a single one among us to deny the principle stated at the foundation of our nation: the right of the people of Ireland to the ownership of Ireland and our declared resolve to pursue the happiness and prosperity of the whole nation, cherishing all of the children of the nation equally. Almost a century has passed since we made this declaration.